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FYE 100 - College Engagement Seminar

Helpful information and links for students in the FYE 100 course.

2019 FYE 100 - COMMON READ

"I came of age in the 1980s, before diversity and multicultural awareness trickled into western Michigan. Before ethnic was cool. Before Thai restaurants became staples in every town. When I think of Grand Rapids I remember city signs covered in images of rippling flags, proclaiming “An All-American City.” Throughout the eighties a giant billboard looming over the downtown freeway boasted the slogan to all who drove the three-lane S-curve. As a kid, I couldn’t figure out what “All-American” was supposed to mean. Was it a promise, a threat, a warning?"                ~Bich Minh Nugyen


The author of the 2019 common read, Stealing Buddha's Dinner, Bich Minh Nguyen, teaches literature and creative writing at Purdue University. She lives with her husband, the novelist Porter Shreve, in West Lafayette, Indiana and Chicago. She will be on campus Tuesday, October 22.   She will have a dinner reception at 5pm with FYE faculty and select students then she will give a presentation for all FYE 100 students with a Q&A at 7pm in Schomburg Auditorium followed by a book signing at 8pm.