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Student Academic Support Services: First-Year Program

FYE 100 - College Engagement Seminar

The FYE 100 (College Engagement Seminar) Course encourages engagement and responsibility in first year students in their personal, academic, college (social) and community (social) lives and emphasizes these themes as they relate to DC’s mission: 

  • To KNOW - We are all here to grow:  The individual is in charge of his/her life – active in decision-making, takes responsibility for his/her actions and possible consequences, is self-aware.
  • To LEARN - We are all here to learn:  The individual internalizes the importance of academic integrity, study skills and preparation, time management and organization.
  • To UNDERSTAND - We are all here to enrich and be enriched:  The individual is actively engaged with on-campus activities; recognizes and accepts importance of individual autonomy, in ourselves and others; recognizes the need to be constantly aware of his/her surroundings and potential risk-situations; understands of the importance (and reality) of diversity.
  • To SERVE - We are all here to help others The individual recognizes and accepts the importance of service to others in need.

College Freshman Survival Guide - videos

Check out the video series at this website!  Tons of helpful information from using your syllabus and college study tips to career planning and financial literacy.


First-Year Peer Leader Program

The First-Year Peer leaders mentor first-year students and provide an immediate support network for students entering college for the first time. Peer mentors build relationships with first-year students in order to help them better transition into college life, academically and socially. The goal is that first-year students have an enhanced experience, and are better able to achieve their full potential. First-Year Peer Leaders are assigned to a section of FYE 100 each fall semester and continue to work with that cohort of first-year students through the first year.  
2017-18 First-Year Peer Leaders:

  • Dawn Alexander
  • Calli Bauer
  • Zack Bires
  • ​Robyn Boyd
  • Spencer Gray
  • Nick Mesnard
  • Haley Patty
  • Hayley Paulson
  • Kayleigh Vicknair



201 College Pl. Defiance, OH 43512


[p:] (419) 783-2481