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Student Academic Support Services: FYE

The First-Year Experience Program has three main components:

  • A mandatory course for first-time, first-year students called FYE 100 - College Engagement Seminar
  • FYE peer leaders to assist freshmen as they transition to college
  • Success Coaching provided specifically to meet the needs and concerns of first-year students. 

FYE 100 - College Engagement Seminar

FYE 100 Course Organization:

The FYE 100 - College Engagement Seminar course is organized around the following Framing Questions and the course schedule and assignments will reflect this focus:

  1. Why Defiance College and how to use Growth Mindset to be successful at DC and beyond?
  2. Who am I?
  3. What is good research?
  4. What does research reveal about my experience?

First-Year Peer Leader Program

The First-Year Peer leaders mentor first-year students and provide an immediate support network for students entering college for the first time. First-Year Peer Leaders are assigned to a section of FYE 100 each fall semester and continue to work with that cohort of first-year students through the first year.  
2018-19 First-Year Peer Leaders:‚Äč

  • Aaliyah Blanchard
  • Chelsey Brawnwart
  • Emily Culler
  • Samantha Ervin
  • Hali Geraci
  • Marcelino Gonzalez
  • Spencer Gray
  • Braxton Horton
  • Rachel Lowell