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Student Academic Support Services: Undeclared Advising

Academic Advising

Those undecided/exploring students who are in the process of identifying a major for their college studies, receive assistance with scheduling from Lisa Crumit-Hancock.  Along with scheduling assistance, tools and strategies to help a student discover the major that is right for them are provided through a collaboration with the Office of Career Development. 


Please note that your academic advisor is Lisa Crumit-Hancock, Director of Student Academic Support Services. She is located in Pilgram Library Rm# 216 


What is an academic advisor?

An academic advisor is a faculty member who teaches courses in your chosen field of study and is assigned to assist you with your academic program planning. An academic advisor can help you stay on track as you progress toward your degree completion.  He or she will help you select classes each semester, but can also be a valuable resource for advice about your future.  You can ask your advisor for information on research opportunities, internships, graduate school, and career options.  When you develop a good relationship with your advisor, he or she can serve as a source of guidance, support, and encouragement. 

How do I identify my advisor and when should we meet?

The most up-to-date advisor information is located using the MyDC web portal. 

You should meet with your academic advisor at least once each semester in order to select the courses which you will take during the following semester. However, academic advisors are available to meet whenever you feel it necessary to schedule an appointment.

How should I prepare for my advising meeting?


You should always go into meetings with your advisor with a plan.  Have an idea what you would like to discuss with your advisor.  

When may I register for classes?


You can obtain this information from the academic calendar.

When is the last day I can add or register for a course(s)?


 You can obtain this information from the academic calendar.

When is the last day I can withdraw from a course?

You can obtain this information from the academic calendar.


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NOTE: This information is intended as a rough guide only. For more details, special cases or unusual circumstances, consult an academic advisor or the registrar’s office.


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