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Concussion by Jeanne Marie Laskas: Home

Information for the FYE 100 common read, Concussion, for fall 2017

"Extreme corruption steals our dignity from us as human beings and degrades us to the level of animals..."

~Jeanne Marie Laskas, Concussion

Author's Website

For more information about the author, her works, and what inspired her to write Concussion, check out her website

Article that Inspired the Book

Read the article that inspired the book and the movie
Published in GQ September 14, 2009
Let’s say you run a multibillion-dollar football league. And let’s say the scientific community—starting with one young pathologist in Pittsburgh and growing into a chorus of neuroscientists across the country—comes to you and says concussions are making your players crazy, crazy enough to kill themselves, and here, in these slices of brain tissue, is the proof…read the article

Book Information & Author Interview

Watch interview with Jeanne Marie Laskas, author of Concussion, on CBSN:

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