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Discover Your Learning Style: Learning Style Theories

Explains the many learning style theories and helps students identify their particular learning style(s). Each learning style is defined and discussed and study strategies for each style are examined.

Learning Styles - click on each icon to learn more

Knowing your Learning Style/Preference or Intelligence Strengths or knowing more about your personality type is vital to developing effective personal study skills in college. Not every study strategy works for everyone; so, if you know how you learn best, you can identify study strategies that will be most effective for you.  

Remember though, just because you have strength in a particular learning style or intelligence that does NOT mean your instructor will adapt their teaching style for you in the classroom nor should they! Research now demonstrates that adapting teaching to target specific learning styles in a classroom is NOT effective.   However, it is beneficial for you to know your learning preferences and use them in the studying of the material outside of the classroom.