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Accessing Moodle

How do I get to Moodle? 

 These are the two most common ways to access Moodle: 

  1. Enter the direct link (
  2. Click on Moodle in "The Links" section of the Defiance College homepage.

      DC Homepage The Links


      Moodle Messaging

      Can I change the way that Moodle messages me? 

      If your inbox is being flooded with Moodle emails, you can change your Moodle messaging settings.  You can do this from the Moodle Main page you see when you first log in.  Look in the left column under Administration, and you should see a link that says "My Profile Settings."  Click to expand this menu and then click again on the Messaging link.

      Once you have set your messaging preferences, remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Update profile."

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