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Academic Support Center: Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction

SI is a free academic assistance program provided by Student Academic Support Services that uses peer-led group study to help students succeed in traditionally difficult courses. Study sessions are facilitated by SI leaders, who are peer students and have previously completed the targeted course with demonstrated competency and a faculty recommendation. The SI leader attends class sessions as well as leading out of class group study sessions.  The SI sessions allow the leader to facilitate group study strategies and collaborative study techniques specific to a course. During a typical SI session, students compare and clarify lecture notes, review textbook readings, and discuss key course concepts. SI also provides an opportunity to complete study activities, such as practice quizzes, while developing study skills specific to the course.

SI Leaders and Session Schedules

Fall 2021 SI Leaders and Schedule of Sessions:


Why use SI?

Why would you not use additional resources when taking a difficult course?

By attending SI sessions on a regular basis, chances are you:

  • will earn a better grade**
  • will better understand course material
  • will be able to teach and learn from your classmates
  • will develop effective study skills that can be applied to other classes

**Data consistently demonstrates that attending six or more SI sessions during a semester will significantly increase your course grade!

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