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Monday M&Ms: Grey Gardens

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Grey Gardens

About the Documentary

Filmmakers David and Albert Maysles explore the daily lives of Edith Bouvier Beale and her daughter, Edie. The eccentric mother and daughter live together in a once beautiful East Hampton mansion that has fallen into decay and disrepair. The condition of the home and the strangeness of the women gained national attention because of their family ties to Jacqueline Kennedy. Kennedy paid for their home to cleaned up after it was condemned by the local Board of Health. The Beales tell the Maysles about their former high society lives and their desires for the future, all while living their daily lives confined in a limited number of rooms, ostracized from the outside community. Although the pair live a solitary life, they find ways to keep themselves and each other entertained with their strong, engaging personalities. 

Grey Gardens Trailer

Monday M&M Flyer: Grey Gardens

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