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Monday M&Ms: Jane

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About the Documentary

Director Brett Morgan examines the life of renowned primatologist, Jane Goodall. Using recently unearthed footage from some of her earliest trips to Africa to study chimpanzees, Morgan shows the viewer how 26-year-old Goodall worked in the unfamiliar jungle landscape and was able to locate and interact with the chimpanzees. In the 1960s, very little was known about chimpanzees in the wild, so when Goodall set off on this expedition, she was taking a huge risk. The documentary shows how Goodall brought back her observations to the scientific community and was met with some criticism and often, blatant sexism. Her fellow scientists did not believe that a young women with little formal training could be gathering accurate information. However, through years of perseverance and many more trips to Tanzania, Jane established herself as the world's foremost expert on chimpanzees. Today the Jane Goodall Foundation continues Goodall's scientific research and conservation efforts. 

Jane Trailer

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