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Chemistry Research Guide

Discover library research tools to help you find articles, books, and other resources related to chemistry


Web site of the American Chemical Society. The tabs across the top of the page link to information for professionals (including career information, publications, and continuing education), educators & students, chemistry enthusiasts, and more.
Calls itself “the largest online chemical community in the world.” Provides access to over 350 journals, a number of databases, career and conference information, a bookstore, and more. (Membership is required to access some of these, but it is free to become a member. Some databases do have added costs.)
Excellent resource for first semester chemistry students or those needing a refresher. Site includes a compound library, construction kits, calculators, simulators, and tutorials. 
Defines chemical nomenclature, terminology, symbols, units, and more.
Contains information on and links to chemistry journals, a chemistry overview, periodic tables and databases, chemical and biochemical databases, chemistry tutorials, and more.
An excellent resource which has organized organic chemistry web sites by categories, such as literature, synthesis planning, reaction components, structural analysis and more.
Provides information on the elements easily accessed by clicking on the element in the periodic table. 
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