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Industry Research: Business Source Complete

Find information about an industry.

Business Source Complete

1. Go to Business Source Complete  and scroll down to the Limit your results section under the search boxes.

2. Select "Industry Overview" as the Document Type in the left column.

3. Enter your NAICS code into the box labeled NAICS/Industry Code in the right column.

Limiting NACIS code and industry research in Business Search Complete


4. Click the Search to view the industry research reports available. You may have a lot (or a few) results depending on the industry you choose. Browse through the list of industry reports to find the one relevant to your country or region. Country reports are not available for every industry. A global report is available for most industries, but may be a couple of years old.

For our Animal (except poultry) Slaughtering industry example, our search finds 252 reports. Browsing through the list of results we find both Meat Industry Profiles and Packaged Foods & Meats Industry reports. Below is a screen shot showing the Packaged Foods & Meats report for India. This industry report is from 2008 and available by clicking on the PDF Full Texlink.

Packaged Meats industry report for India


Pro Tip: Do a new search with only NAICS code. You will get a lot of results that you can then limit by Subject: Thesaurus Terms and/or Geography on the left side of the results page. Limiting to the country Malaysia brings back 7 results, with one being a recent industry article and another a recent scholarly research article on the meat industry in the country.

Meat industry results for Malaysia

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