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Test Taking Strategies: Test Taking: Preparation Skills

Test Taking: Preparation Skills

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Test Prep Skills

In college, tests are a tool for assessing your understanding of the information presented in your courses. Tests also indicate how well you have prepared and the effectiveness of your study skills. Here are some suggestions to prepare for tests and exams:

  • Gather information about a test—the more you can find out, the better you can prepare. Read over the syllabi and class assignments so you know specifically which chapters and topics will be included on the test. Listen to the instructor’s description of the test and the topics or chapters that the test will cover. Talk to other students who have already taken the course or tutors who are familiar with the course.
  • Review your study tools and materials—review your lecture and text notes. Make this something that you incorporate into your daily study so that you will not be overwhelmed at test time.
  • Create summary notes— these are notes that specifically include information you need to review further before the test.
  • Predict test questions—an excellent method for preparing for tests is to predict the questions that will be on the test. Understand the types of questions on the test as well as the content needed to answer the questions will reduce text anxiety.
  • Review with others—review sessions with another student or a study group is an effective way to receive immediate feedback about the topics you understand clearly and those that you need to review.
  • Use a five-day study plan— this is a plan of action that helps you organize your materials and time to review
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