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Learning Studio: Writing Help

Learn about SASS's writing, tutoring, supplemental instruction, Structured Study Program, and study skill development services.
Note: All Learning Studio services through SASS, including writing consultations, are online for the fall 2020 semester.  Writing Consultations will not be in person in the Learning Studio. Rather, you will now utilize Google Meet and Google Docs to complete an online synchronous consultation. Directions for this online process are below. 

To book an Online Writing Consultation, simply click the "Schedule Appointment" button below. Then on the day/time of your appointment, follow the directions in the "Directions for Using Google Docs for an Online Consultation" box. 

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To create a free premium account on Grammarly@edu follow these steps:

1. Go to
2. Provide your name and email. 
3. Check your inbox for the email and click on the activation link.

Grammarly is an online writing assistance and plagiarism tool. Defiance College subscribes to the premium version for our students to utilize in their college writing assignments.

Writing Skill Guides

Click on the links below to discover useful tips and strategies to help with the writing process, paraphrasing, citation, plagiarism, MLA and APA:

Directions for Using Google Docs for an Online Consultation

Directions for doing an Online Writing Consultation


  1. Remember to still schedule an appointment using the Purple "Schedule Appointment" box (to the left). You will receive a confirmation email for this appointment. SAVE THIS EMAIL. You will use the Google Meet link ( for a Writing Consultation that is provided in that confirmation emai. Then you will simply follow the steps below to share your writing with the consultant via Google Docs. 
  2. You MUST USE GOOGLE DOCS to complete your consultation. If you have typed your essay into  Microsoft Word or another platform, you can simply copy all text, and paste it into a new Google Document. If you are already using Google Docs to create your document then you will NOT need to copy and paste any text.
  3. Click “Share” in the right-hand corner *Note: if you haven’t named the document yet, this step will prompt you to add a title 
  4. Enter “” in the “Share with others" People text box.  MAKE SURE WHEN YOU ENTER THE EMAIL THAT YOU ENTER "CAN EDIT THE DOCUMENT."  You’ll have to select this option; it is not always automatic. Also, IMPORTANT ­­ make sure to select “notify people via email," so that the writing consultant with whom you have your appointment gets a message that you have shared your paper.
  1. Click “Send” 
  2. When a writing consultant has received the doc, they will let you know through video chat on Google Meet.
  3. Consultations normally last for 30 minutes, and the consultant will keep track of the time for you.
  • When the consultation is over, you get a follow-up email with a link to an online survey, which will document your experience and your overall feelings about your writing. Please take a couple of minutes to complete this survey. Thanks!
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