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Testing Center: Make-Up & Accommodated Tests


  • There is no charge for Make-Up or Accommodated Testing.
  • Tests may only be scheduled AFTER the requesting Faculty complete the online test submission form (link below).
  • Available dates for test administration are determined by the submitting Faculty member.
  • Please bring Photo ID
Please Read Carefully:
Make-up and Accommodated Test Registration is a 2-part process:

Step 1:  Students & Faculty

Students:  Contact your instructor for approval to take your test at the testing center and agree on a timeframe to have it completed by.

Faculty:  Must fill out the following form in order for the Testing Center to administer a make-up test:  Classroom Test Request Form (Faculty use only!)

Step 2:  Students

To schedule appointments AFTER your FACULTY have completed the classroom test request form - contact Brandon Ripke via email at or phone at 419-783-2414. 



With advance paperwork sent to the DC Testing Center, the Testing Center staff will gladly administer make-up and accommodated exams for any student who is unable to test in the classroom because of an accident, illness, testing accommodations, or other excused absence from class. Advance paperwork and appointments are required due to the high level and broad spectrum of testing offered by the Center.

Information for Instructors:

Instructors must submit at least 24 hours in advance of the test time:

  • A completed Classroom Test Submission Form (link above)
  • The instructor's test (The test may be submitted by email to

The delivery or return of the test by the Student is not acceptable.

Information for students:

  • Students are required to schedule a testing appointment BEFORE the test day with Brandon (see contact info. above)
  • If a student is late for their appointment, they may have to reschedule their test.
  • All tests will be collected, and students will be asked to leave the Testing Center at the scheduled closing time.
  • No cell phones are allowed in the center.
  • No personal items are allowed while testing.
  • Students may not leave the building once testing has begun.
  • All students are required to show a DC ID or photo ID when taking any tests in the Testing Center. If a student does not have proper identification, the student will not be admitted for testing.
  • The Testing Center will provide all pencils and scratch paper.  The Testing Center does not have Blue/Green books (unless provided by instructor).