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Testing Center: CLEP

CLEP Registration

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1. Purchase your CLEP Exam:

CLEP (College Board) requires that all testing candidates register in advance using the My Account Portal.

CLEP authorized testing centers do not accept payment for exams. All candidates must show a ticket printed from the online portal as proof of payment in order to be admitted for testing.  Vouchers may be printed or available for viewing on a mobile device.  Click here to be taken to the CLEP My Account Portal.

2.  Make your Testing Appointment

CLEP exams are administered by appointment and must be scheduled using our online test registration system. Click here to make a testing appointment at Defiance College

Testing Information

  • Please remember to bring your photo ID
  • $32 non-refundable test fee is required at the time of registration
  • $87 CLEP fee must be paid via CLEP My Account Portal
  • A voucher purchased via My Account Portal must be presented in order to be admitted for testing
  • 90-minute test.
  • No Cell Phones.
  • Testing room conditions vary. Dress in layers to ensure you are ready for any room temperature
  • Test results available immediately, except English Comp with Essay
  • Must wait 3 months to retake the same test
  • $100 per credit hour will be charged to have credit applied to your transcript
  • (no additional charge for incoming Freshman for tests taken before classes begin)