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Academic Support Center: Student-Workers

Math & Science Tutors

Science, Math, and Engineering | Sacramento City College

Aliza Clark

Evan Gregory

Olivia Rayk

Hallie Webb

Clover Worrell

SI Leaders

Zadria King - BIO 120 & 129

(Principles of Biology I & II)

Anika Craft - CHEM 123 & 124

(General Chemistry I & II)

Cameron Kruyer -  BIO 235 & 236

(Anatomy and Physiology I & II)

Twanasia Graves - MATH 105

(Quantitative Reasoning)

Hope Yost - PSY 230

(Behavioral Statistics)


Currently Hiring - CSCI 105 (Introduction to Computer Programming)

Course/Subject Tutors

Dana Peterson - COMM 120

(Introduction to Human Communication)

Hannah Sanderson - BIO, CHEM, PSY 230

(Science Courses & Behavioral Statistics)


Are you interested in working in the Academic Support Center? We offer a variety of roles designed to help you develop a deeper connection with the course material and develop your interpersonal communication, active listening, and critical thinking skills (among others!) - all while providing support to your fellow classmates! Working in the ASC is truly a win-win!


Applications for the 2024-2025 academic year are due by April 28th! Position descriptions can be found below.

To apply, submit the application below to Jordan Gehring, Director of the Academic Support Center, in Library 123 or at


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