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Success Services Faculty Information: Success Services in Your Class

The Success Services in Your Class Program

The "Success Services in Your Class" Program provides study skill or basic writing workshops for faculty who cannot attend class due to professional development or for classes or groups that wish to supplement course material. Check out the workshop information below and the online request form.

The Success Services in Your Class Mission:

1. Learning - Students benefit from supplemental workshops on study skills, basic writing, or citation methods.  These workshops provide students with indispensable learning tips and strategies for success in their individual courses, their college career, and their life. Each workshop provides students with information for transferable academic skills in a presentation style that incorporates an engaging activity and handouts for future reference.

2. Outreach -  While all students have access to the programs and services provided by DC's Success Services not all take the time to utilize those; so the Success Services in Your Class program gives the our personnel an opportunity to reach out to student populations that they might otherwise not have the chance to influence.  The program gives Success Services an opportunity to assist  those students in need at the location of their need and to raise awareness of all the existing academic services available.  

Workshop Menu:

The following is a list of workshop titles for the "Success Services in Your Class" Program:

Please note that each workshop can be either 50 minutes or 75 minutes, includes a presentation, at least one in-class activity, and at least one handout for the students.  

Note Taking and Annotation Methods for Reading Assignments:

1.      College Textbook Reading Skills

Examines the SQ4R strategy for textbook reading and how to utilize critical reading skills with boring college textbooks.

2.      Cornell Note Taking Method & Bloom’s Taxonomy

Examines how to use the Cornell note taking method along with critical thinking questions based on Bloom’s taxonomy to be an active reader.

Listening skills and Classroom/Lecture Note Taking

Discusses several common lecture note-taking mistakes with students, discusses ways to improve listening skills, and provides techniques for recording, organizing, and reviewing important information given during a lecture.

Memory & Concentration Techniques

Assists students with ways to improve memory. Focus will be on enhancing concentration and attention, increasing motivation for learning the material, and controlling your environment. We will also examine helpful mnemonic devices.

How to Prepare for College Tests/Exams

Aids students in exam preparation strategies and the creation of a five day study plan.

Metacognition Development

       Examines the metacognitive process and provides tips in developing metacognitive skills for improved study habits. 

Writing Workshops:

1.      Understanding a College Writing Assignment and Brainstorming Techniques

Assists students in comprehending the purpose and specific guidelines of an assignment and offers numerous prewriting techniques to get starting on a writing assignment.

2.      Using Your Sources Effectively

Examines how to give appropriate attribution to sources, how to construct effective paraphrases and summaries, and how to avoid “quote dumping.”

3.      Plagiarism

Helps students identify what plagiarism is and how to avoid it in all writing assignments.

4.      MLA or APA Basics

Discusses the basics for using either the Modern Language Association (MLA) or American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines for general document formatting, in-text documentation of sources,  and structuring of a Works Cited or References page.

Please note:  These workshops can be tailored specifically to your course/subject. Contact Lisa Crumit-Hancock to discuss your preferences.  

* Due to a limited availability, we may not be able to grant every request, though all attempts will be made!

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