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Technology Tools : Social Media

Technology tools for presentations, visual aids, feedback and more.

Image Storage and Sharing

The following sites offer free image storage space for users, and a range of functions that allow you to share, tag, and manage your personal image collections.

Please note that these sites only allow users to upload content they have created (your own photographs or image products). Images scanned from books, downloaded from the web or databases, or acquired from other sources, should not be uploaded into image sharing sites.

Social Media


What it is:

A real-time information network in which users send out short, 140-character "tweets." Tweets can include links to photos, websites and more. Twitter is being used by many businesses, organizations, news coporations, and individuals. You can customize your page and profile, create lists for organization, or change your security settings so your tweets are public or restricted.  

How to use it:

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Disposable Twitter Accounts for Classroom Use


What it is:

A social utility in which people, organizations or business create a profile page and link to other pages by "friending" or "following" them.  

How to use it:

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