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FYE 100 - College Engagement Seminar

Helpful information and links for students in the FYE 100 course.

Welcome to Pilgrim Library's First Year Experience Course Guide. This Guide is designed to familiarize first year students with all library and SASS resources for success in the FYE 100 course. Click on the purple tabs to the left or the links below for more information:

2018 Common Read Writing Help Research Help Liberal Arts & Sciences How to Read a Scholarly Article

What is FYE 100?

FYE 100, College Engagement Seminar, is designed for first year students to successfully engage in college life, including both the academic and social arenas.  This course is organized around the following Framing Questions and the course schedule and assignments will reflect this focus: Why college and how to use growth mindset to be successful?; Who am I?; What is good research?; and What does research reveal about my experience?

Course Objectives

The goals of this course are:

  1. ‚ÄčTo welcome students into the Defiance College (DC) academic community.  A community based on academic curiosity, commitment, and conversation.
  2. To explore the liberal arts and how they inform intellectual curiosity, academic commitment and personal success.
  3. To develop a connection with your DC academic advisor, and an academic and co-curricular plan for your 4 years at DC.
  4. To develop an understanding about conducting research at the college level, a skill known as information literacy.
  5. To establish a sense of connection and belonging to DC.

Primary Assignments:

Advisor Assignments (total of two)
Writing Assign. #1 - Summative Reflection Writing
Writing Assign. #2 – Autoethnography
Research Skills Bibliography Assignment
Research Evaluation Assignment  
Writing Assign. #3 – Inquiry Research Paper
Be sure to check your course syllabus and Moodle for more clearly defined details about expectations specific to your section of FYE100.