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Institute for Career Readiness and Lifelong Learning: "Don't Cancel Class..." Program

Your Gateway to Career and Professional Success



Cover Letter and Resume Preparation

A well prepared Cover letter and Resume is a very important part of impressing employers and creating a personal brand.  During this presentation students will learn about Optimal Resume and other resources to help them with their personal brand and the importance of starting early with creating a resume. We will provide sample cover letter and resume suggestions and all resources are available on the Career Development website (Provide link to samples).

Interviewing Strategies and Tips

Lights, Camera, Action!!!  During this presentation, we will introduce strategies and tips in preparing for an interview.  Pre and post preparation is extremely important to a successful interview whether it is a face-to-face, by phone or a virtual interview.  Student will learn the art of a successful interview and validate their credentials, credibility, and candidacy for the position!

Creating a LinkedIn Account and Using the account to your advantage

What is a LinkedIn account and why should your students have an account?  LinkedIn is the largest professional online network!! It is a network of professional individual’s right at your fingertips.  Students will be learn how to create an account, tips on enhancing an already existing account and why it is important to create their professional network.

Social Media and Your Job Search

It is time to get on the professional band wagon!  Your social media accounts can work for you or against you during your job search! During this presentation, we will share how to use the social media to the student’s advantage!

How to use College Central for your Internship or Job search

Ready, Set and GO! Learn how to use Defiance College’s College Central online job board to your advantage when searching for an internship, part-time employment and full-time employment.  We have made it easy by pre-registering you!  Your College Central account gives you access to three databases with new career opportunities posted every day! Starting earlier using College Central will help you as you begin your journey from College to your Career.


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