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About Pilgrim Library

General information about Pilgrim Library.

Where is my barcode number?

Your barcode number is located on front of your Defiance College ID, directly below the barcode.

It is 9 digits long and will always begin with '80'.  If you are typing this number in and still cannot log in, please contact Pilgrim Library (419-783-2481).

Barcode Issues

What do you do if your barcode number isn't working?

First, check to be sure you're using the right number. Your barcode number is 9 digits long and will start with '80'.

Still Not Working?

Just call us at (419) 783-2481, send us an email at, or talk with us via chat and we'll get your account fixed ASAP.

Off-Campus Resources

What is available to you when you're away from campus? More than you can imagine!

Nearly all of our online databases are easy to access from any computer or device with an Internet connection for DC students, faculty and staff.  And thanks to our partnerships with other Ohio libraries, we have access to a HUGE amount of research and information online.  All you need to do is start from the library's website and once you try to get into one of the databases, fill in the requested information to prove that you are a DC student, faculty or staff member.  You will be asked for your barcode number, so be sure to have your student or faculty ID card handy.  The directions on this page should help you get set up and ready to research in a jiffy.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask a librarian!  

Off-Campus Authentication

If you are trying to use a resource made available through our partnership with OhioLINK, you will follow the directions below to connect while off-campus. If you are not directly linked to the Institutional Selection Form seen in step 1, you probably will be linked to the page seen in step 2.  

1.  Select "Defiance College" from the drop-down list of institutions.  Click on "Submit" to continue.

2.  Enter your name & enter your barcode number.  Be sure to put your last name before your first name -- just a single space between the two.  If you're not sure where to find your barcode number click here.

3.  That's all! This should grant you access to the database selected.  

Accessing Premium Databases

When accessing some of our premium databases, you will have to authenticate through the OhioLINK proxy server.  To do so, follow these directions:

1.  Click on the link that says "off-campus access" located directly to the right of the database name.









2.  Follow the step-by-step directions listed above for off-campus authentication.  After you select your institution and enter your name and barcode number, you should be good to to!