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About Pilgrim Library

General information about Pilgrim Library.


Black and white printing is free of charge for all Defiance College students, faculty and staff.   There are two printers in the library:  one upstairs in the PC Lab and one  on the lower floor near room 112.  To print upstairs, be sure that Library Upstairs Copier is selected.  The one on the lower floor is labeled "downstairs."

Color printing is available for a charge of $.25 per page.  To print in color, select the Color Printer - 25¢ printer option.  You can pay for the pages when you pick them up at the circulation desk.

Community patrons cannot print documents.


Photocopies can be made in the Library. Please ask a member of the library staff if you are having any difficulties making copies.

Faculty, students, and staff members are not charged for photocopying.*

Community patrons are charged $.10 per page for photocopies.  Double-sided copying costs $.20 per page.

*Copying privileges are the same as printing privileges. The faculty, student, or staff member should only be making copies for academic or Defiance College-related activities.


There are scanning photocopiers available for use in the library:

  • BOTH the upstairs printer and downstairs printer will let you scan a document and send the scan as a .pdf document to your email.  
    • Push the button on the printer that says Scanner.
    • On the touch screen of the printer, hit the button that says Manual Input.
    • Use the touch screen to enter the email address you want the scan sent to. Hit okay when done.
    • Select the appropriate settings (1-Sided, 2-Sided, etc., size, B&W or color, etc.)
    • Hit the start button to scan and automatically send the scan via email

Wishing to scan in Color?

  • The scanning photocopiers can be set to scan in color.  Select "Scan settings" and then "full color" from the settings menu. 
  • Note that color scans make large files,  If you try to scan a long document in color and email it, it may not go through.  You may have to scan and send portions of the document in separate files.
  • Should you elect to print your scanned pages/images, please note:   Color printing is available only for Defiance College students, faculty, & staff for a charge of $0.25 per page.  To print in color, select the Color Printer - 25¢ printer option instead of the default Library Upstairs Copier printer.
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