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Faculty Academic Continuity Resources: TOOLKIT OVERVIEW

Faculty Toolkit Overview


Academic continuity refers to the continuation of instructional delivery at the Defiance College through our learning management tool, Moodle, and providing students with continuing remote access to support services.

We have created a DC Toolkit for Instructional Continuity to provide guidance, strategies, and resources needed to make a swift transition from face-to-face delivery. This Toolkit considers the simplest way to deliver digital content while meeting student learning outcomes and aligning with your current syllabus. ​

DC is also committed to providing our students with essential services to support their success. Should the college be compelled to shut down or suspend operations due to conditions related to the spread of the Coronavirus, student support personnel will continue to provide essential support services through the DC Toolkit for Continuity of Student Support. 

This Academic Continuity site will be continually updated, so please be sure to revisit frequently.


This DC Toolkit for Instructional Continuity provides you with the information necessary to move content from your face-to-face course to remote delivery, includes training and support, a planning checklist, frequently asked questions, technical assistance, and more.

This Toolkit will be updated periodically, so please be sure to revisit it in the weeks to come.

Update on cellular and telecom support

Guide to building your course in an LMS

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