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Overview of using Chicago/Turabian to format citations.

What is Chicago/Turabian?

Welcome to the Chicago/Turabian resource page. Turabian is a style of writing and formatting that is created and updated by Kate Turbian. It is adapted from the University of Chicago's 'Chicago' style of citation and is simplified for students and researchers. Turabian is most commonly used in the social sciences, such as in History courses.

What is the difference between Chicago and Turabian?

The primary difference is that Turabian is shorter and contains fewer instructions, and that it does not contain information about publication. The Chicago Manual of Style is designed for professionals in the field who are publishing, and has a great deal of instruction on formating and many other things. Turabian is a pared-down version designed for students writing research papers.

Which should I use?

You should always talk to your professor, but for the most part, all of the guidelines that you find in Turabian help pages will also apply to Chicago style.

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Chicago & Turabian Style Guides


This guide is based on the work done by Nicole Robinson at Muskingum University.

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